A Maasai cultural event popped up at the Barn House

Lydia Clemmons sits with Kenyan Maasai performers. Music and dance traditions were celebrated at the Clemmons Family Farm in the Barn House on Jan. 22. Courtesy photo.

A Maasai cultural pop-up event took place in the Barn House at the Clemmons Family Farm on Jan. 22. Special guest Daniel ole Iree presented. He is an elder of one of the last Maasai tribes in Kenya who have maintained their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Demonstrations of Maasai music and dance traditions were explored. Jack and Lydia Clemmons spoke of their own adventures in Tanzania and Kenya and their experiences with the Maasai. Jewelry, arts and crafts were on display and were for sale. Purchases and donations supported water source construction for the Maasai community in southern Kenya.

The Clemmons Family Farm is located on 2213-2158 Greenbush Road. For more information visit the Clemmons Family Farm website.