Three budget presentations for fiscal year 2019 were made at the Sept. 25 Charlotte Selectboard meeting. The Recreation Capital Reserve Fund, Tree Warden and Lewis Creek Association were the subjects of those presentations.

Heather McKim | Staff Writer

Tree Warden Mark Dillenbeck went first in addressing the board. He highlighted his proposed budget that requests level funding of $1,500.

Dillenbeck described how the funds would be used, saying he would make a shift away from mileage reimbursements, because the current team favors applying the funds to other things. Instead, more money is slated for equipment/miscellaneous focused on tree care and workshops/professional development.

The Recreation Capital Reserve Fund was presented later in the meeting. The primary expense coming up is for the tennis courts. Two years ago, the courts sustained damage to the asphalt and the courts now need to be re-covered, repainted and relined. However, there are also ongoing structural issues with the courts, problems that the committee would like to address.

Patching the courts could continue. However, to truly fix them, drainage issues need to be addressed, the surface pulverized, proper drainage installed, and the surface reconstructed using something other than asphalt.

Another issue for Recreation is upgrading the Town Beach, which was described as being underutilized. There is a desire to make it a more positive asset in terms of revenue flow. However, since federal money was used for the beach, it appears that no business can be located there—somewhat narrowing options for generating funds.

Lewis Creek Association rounded out the budget presentations at the meeting. As it has for the past several years, the group is requesting $600 this year to help fund special projects that the association does in Charlotte.

Decisions on the FY19 budget will have to be weighed carefully. Selectboard member Matt Krasnow said at the meeting that there is a forecast of a decreased tax overall for the municipal budget. It is something that he believes the board will need to be cognizant of going forward in the budgeting process.