Amish removed the silos at the old Sheehan Farm by hand in August. Photo by Trina Bianchi

Where there were three, now there are none. The silos at Baptist Corners in East Charlotte have been removed.

Trina Bianchi |Contributor

The landscape has changed forever at Baptist Corners in East Charlotte. Two Amish families from Westport, New York, spent three days taking down the two large silos at the old Sheehan Farm. Current owner Steve Denton made the arrangements with the families to remove the silos that were no longer in use. With the sole exception of the two top portions, all parts of the silos were stacked and transported to Westport where the same two families will reconstruct them on one of their farms and put them back into farm use. These were taken down without any assistance of power equipment, using only human ingenuity and labor.